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Class 6. Wet Color Sgraffito On Tile

Wet Color Sgraffito on Tile

In this class, you will learn how to create cool tiles with intricate border patterns and a central design. Wet color sgraffito is a fast, spontaneous technique that allows you to carve directly into wet underglaze to create border patterns on your tile. Once they dry, painted underglaze is used to create intricate color overlays and an image in the center of your tile.

What You'll Learn in This Ceramics Class:

  • Wet color scraffito technique
  • How to create a color inlay
  • How to create underglaze color blends
  • Design transfer
  • Preparing surfaces for underglaze painting
  • Sgraffito basics
  • How to do detail touchup work
  • Glazing tips

Skill Level: A basic understanding of ceramics is necessary. No drawing skills are necessary as participants can take a photo of their desired imagery for the center of their tile and copy it onto the tile with tracing paper.

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In this class, you’ll have access to a library of video lessons that take you from the beginning of the process where we prepare a bisque tile for underglaze painting to the end where we apply clear glaze to the surface of the tile.

Demonstrations include:

– Preparation for Underglaze Painting

– Design Transfer

– Underglaze Painting Set-Up

– Underglaze Painting Basics

– Underglaze Blending 

– Creating Paper Stencils

– Color Inlay

– Learning What Your Brush Can Do

– Detail Line Work Touch Up

– Glazing

Participants must provide their own materials and supplies for this class including bisque tile, underglazes, brushes, sgraffito tools, glaze etc. A detailed will be available in the “Downloadable Digital Documents” for class 6.  You’ll have access to this once you have purchased the.

Introductory Special Class Cost: $50

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