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Class 5. Decorative Underglaze Surfaces for Slab Jewelry

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Class Cost: $75

What you’ll get in your digital class kit:

  • Preferred brushes sheet
  • Preferred sgraffito tools sheet
  • Preferred underglaze and glaze sheet
  • Simple leaf design
  • Terri Kern Underglaze Painting, Monthly Methods Page, Ceramics Monthly

Video and Live Demonstrations Include:

  • Idea and design options
  • Preparing bone dry jewelry pieces for underglaze
  • Painting jewelry pieces with several layers of underglaze
  • Design transfer with tracing paper
  • Underglaze painting set-up
  • Brush wrapping
  • Know your detail brush possibilities and exercises
  • Painting in color blocked areas
  • Blending underglaze color
  • Painting a black outline with underglaze and a detail brush
  • Painting shading lines
  • Creating wet black sgraffito

What participants need to have for class:

  • Black underglaze
  • Preferred underglaze colors
  • Preferred brushes including:
  • Brush for large areas of underglaze coverage
  • Medium pointed brushes 
  • Small pointed brushes
  • Script or Liner brush for painting outlines
  • Preferred sgraffito tools
  • Smart Water” bottle cap
  • Scotch tape
  • Water
  • Pencil & Paper for notes or drawings for reference
  • Photos for reference
  • Sponge
  • Tracing paper


  1. Watch the pre-recorded videos.

Consider your design first.

  1. Look at your shapes and think about simple designs that will fit within the surface area.
  2. Create your designs using simple shapes like leaves, the moon, etc. Can’t draw? Take photos of simple shapes you want to use for designs and lay a piece of tracing paper over the top to trace the silhouette of the shape. 
  3. Decide what underglaze color you want your background to be.

Underglaze Painting

  1. Gently wipe down your bone dry jewelry pieces with a sponge to remove any dirt, dust or rough areas on the front and back.
  2. After letting your pieces dry thoroughly, apply your first layer of underglaze with a brush.
  3. After letting your pieces dry thoroughly, apply your second layer of underglaze with a brush.
  4. After letting your pieces dry thoroughly, apply your third layer of underglaze with a brush.
  5. After letting your pieces dry thoroughly, apply your blend layer using 2 underglaze colors with a couple brushes.
  6. Let your pieces dry at least 24 hours before class.

Finalize your designs

  1. Create a sheet with your designs on them.
  2. Cut your tracing paper into small sections and using a sharp pencil, place your tracing paper over your design and trace it.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will be ready for class!

Class Cost: $75

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