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Class 4. Getting Creative with Simple Slab Jewelry

Cost: $75 


  1. 4 Digital downloadable documents
  2. 18 Instructional videos at approximately 1 hour
  3. Class Recording (including Q & A session) at approximately 1 hour, 36 minutes

Skill Level: A basic understanding of ceramics is necessary.

Looking for a creative jump start? Then start small and check out this fun jewelry class which focuses on creating small works of art that you can wear. We’ll start out with basic shapes made from thin slabs of clay like squares, rectangles & circles and then experiment to create new shapes, keeping the surfaces smooth so they can be painted with underglazes or the finish of your choice. The focus will be on pendant, pin and earring shapes. 

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What you’ll get in your digital class kit:

  • Preferred handbuilding tools
  • Design Pages 1 & 2
  • Jewelry Work Sheet for Pendants, Earrings and Pins 

Video and Live Demonstrations Include:

  • Making a texture free slab using a slab roller and/or rolling pin and sticks 
  • Transferring basic shapes to manilla folder
  • Creating basic jewelry shape templates from manilla folder
  • Cutting and altering shapes using flexible metal rib
  • Creating texture wheel from favorite textures
  • Bend and cut nichrome wire to create the jewelry hooks 
  • Jewelry hook insertion
  • Creating designs for jewelry shape using tracing paper
  • Using texture wheels on a small scale
  • Attaching a jump ring 
  • Attaching a pin back
  • Jewelry hacks


What participants need to have for class:

    • Rolling pin/Slabroller (For making several small slabs prior to class)
    • Needle tool
    • Flexible metal rib
    • Ruler
    • Saran Wrap
    • Water
    • Assorted wooden/plastic ribs
    • Pencil & Paper for notes or drawings for reference
    • Scissors or Xacto knife to cut out jewelry shape templates
    • Spray bottle
    • Sponge
    • Texture tools or stamps (if you want texture on your pieces)
    • Favorite handbuilding tools
    • Design ideas
    • Ware board to put your jewelry pieces on
    • Basic jewelry pliers (They should be able to both bend and cut wire)
    • Nichrome wire (If you’re making pendants or earrings)
    • 2 Wooden sticks for thickness control when rolling out small slabs
    • Manilla folder
    • Tracing paper
    • Jump rings (If you’re making pendants)
    • Pin backs (If you want to make pins)
    • 5 minute epoxy, PC 7 or preferred glue for attaching pin backs
  • ClayWhat To Consider Regarding Clay Choice
  • Think about how you want to finish your jewelry. This will help you choose the clay you want to use to create your pieces. 
  • If you want to paint your jewelry with underglazes, you can use low fire or mid range clay. I recommend white or red earthenware, porcelain or lightly grogged clay. 
  • If you want to use oxides followed by a translucent glaze, you should use the clay body that works best with your glazes.

Working with clay is easier with shortly trimmed fingernails.

Class Cost: $75 

Refund Policy: Once you place your order you have instant access to the video content. Therefore there are no refunds available.

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