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Class 3. Designing Serenity – Underglaze Painted Wall Piece

Class Cost: $112.50 (This price reflects a 10% discount off the cost of the Zoom class of $125 because there is no "live" component.)


  1. 12 Digital downloadable documents
  2. 33 Instructional videos at approximately 4 hours, 19 minutes
  3. Class Recording (including Q & A session) at approximately 3 hours 

Skill Level: A basic understanding of ceramics is necessary. No drawing skills are needed as participants can take a photo of their desired imagery and copy it with tracing paper.

With the world continuing to be off balance, I’m trying to find some simplicity and serenity. What better way to do that than create a wall piece that features a visual element that brings peace of mind. Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee or listening to a singing bird that relaxes you, we can create a wall piece centered around it. 

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What you’ll get in your digital class kit:

  • Preferred brushes sheet
  • Preferred sgraffito tools sheet
  • Preferred underglaze and glaze page
  • Design ideas page
  • Terri Kern Underglaze Painting, Monthly Methods Page, Ceramics Monthly

Video and Pre-Recorded Demonstrations Include:

  • Idea and design options
  • Making a texture free slab using a rolling pin and slab roller
  • Creating a wall piece template
  • Cutting a wall piece from the slab
  • Drying slabs
  • Preparing bone dry wall piece for underglaze
  • Breaking design down into color blocking
  • Painting wall piece with several layers of underglaze
  • Creating design templates
  • Design transfer with tracing paper
  • Underglaze painting set-up
  • Brush wrapping
  • Know your detail brush possibilities
  • Painting in color blocked areas
  • Blending underglaze color
  • Creating a black outline with underglaze and a detail brush
  • Creating shading lines
  • Creating wet black sgraffito
  • Glazing tips & techniques
  • Gluing a sawtooth hanger on your wall piece

What participants need to have for class:

  • Preferred Black underglaze
  • Preferred underglaze colors
  • 2 Large brushes for painting background underglaze blends
  • Several medium sized pointed brushes 
  • Several small pointed brushes
  • Script or Liner brush for painting outlines
  • Preferred sgraffito tools
  • Bottle cap from a bottle of “Smart Water”
  • Scotch tape
  • Water
  • Pencil & Paper for notes or drawings for reference
  • Photos for reference
  • Scissors or Xacto knife to cut out design templates
  • Sponge
  • Manilla folder or piece of cover stock paper for your wall piece template
  • Tracing paper

Please watch videos 1-18 prior to the class recording.  These videos illustrate the steps you will need to take in order to be ready for the information that is presented in the class recording:

Videos 19-26 go into specific steps in my underglaze painting process. These are also covered in the class recording.

Class Cost: $112.50 (This price reflects a 10% discount off the cost of the Zoom class of $125 because there is no “live” component.)

Refund Policy: Once you place your order you have instant access to the video content. Therefore there are no refunds available.

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